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Posted: January 6, 2009
What's your favorite fairy tale? I can tell you mine! I am twenty-one years old and suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and severe chronic fatigue. I am always in pain and there days when even my clothes bother me or I can't touch my own skin without discomfort. Until six months ago, I spent a lot of day either sitting or laying down on our twenty-five-year-old sofa, constantly plumping up pillows, always shifting about, and never being truly comfortable. So, a few months ago I made the decision that it was time-actually past time-to get a recliner!
I was determined to find the perfect chair. This turned out to be more difficult than I expected. I wandered from furniture store to furniture store, feeling very much like Goldilocks in the home of the three bears. One chair would be too hard, the next too soft, or too small, or too big, too poorly made, too expensive...but finally! After weeks of searching I found the La-Z-Boy "Pinnacle" recliner that felt just right!
What a drastic change! Suddenly I could rest in plush perfection! Every muscle felt supported and I found myself relaxing with no fear of pain. I noticed that I felt more rested and my energy improved. I actually looked forward to sitting in my recliner! It has been three months since my La-Z-Boy "moved in" and unlike Goldilocks, I don't have to give up my chair!
Today, I'm still a lot like that little golden-haired girl. You will often find me peacefully asleep at home, happily dreaming in comfort. Thanks to La-Z-Boy, I will never be without my "just right" chair again!
Story 2 for Comfort Stories
From:Apt. 401
Gender: Male
Posted: September 20, 2013
Comfy Couch
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La-Z-Boy sofas are the best because of their built-in comfiness. it's like sitting on a cloud or really large marshmallow.
Story 3 for Comfort Stories
From:Arab, AL
Gender: Female
Posted: April 15, 2013
Maverick here to stay
After chemo for cancer, I am affected with severe neuropathy. I find it difficult to lie in bed at night. My powered Maverick recliner is my favorite place for relief. I love the power, but it is slow if you need to get up quickly. I did not get a stand assist chair because I felt the most exercise I got at that time was standing and walking in the house.
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From:Valrico Fl
Gender: Male
Posted: January 31, 2013
Home Chair Advantage - Superbowl
I have owned my La Z Boy chair for 11 years now and could not be happier with it. So much so, it has come with me to every Superbowl party within driving distance so far. Home Chair Advantage is a luxury that you cannot put a price tag on especially when you no longer have to worry about someone stealing your seat! La Z Boy makes it so easy to do this with the removable back. I'll never own another chair other than a La z Boy!
Story 5 for Comfort Stories
From:Ft myers
Posted: November 28, 2012
Broken lazyboy
I loved the vibration and heating with my chair but within 3 years it is not working and it isn't so simple as taking the element in for a replacement. This process should be easier. Wish I had thought about this before I bought it! Now, what a hassle.
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Story 6 for Comfort Stories
From:bascom, fl
Gender: Female
Posted: September 15, 2012
Momma's Chair
I purchased the 85th Anniversary Edition from QVC to replace a rocker recliner that was my Mom's - this chair has to be almost 40 years old as she had it when I was in high school - I am 54 It is still in great working conditon - just needs reupholstering and new padding - I intend to keep it till I die. It has rocked dozens of children and it still rocking my 3 grandchildren!! This chair has Memories!!!
Story 7 for Comfort Stories
From:Woodland Park, CO
Gender: Female
Posted: April 4, 2011
Helping Husband
In 1995 my husband fell on the ice and broke his back. It turned into a nerve disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. He has pain 24 hours a day. He was unable to work. I was in the Air Force and had to get a second job. He could never get comfortable so with the money from my second job I bought him a lazy boy recliner. We still have it - and he still loves it. I retired from the Air Force after 20 plus years and went to work in the postal service. I was there for 10 years when I fell at home and broke my ankle is seven places. The doctor said it looked like sawdust in there. He put me back together with plates and screws and now I have my own lazy boy! I am now officially retired and happier than ever.
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Story 8 for Comfort Stories
Gender: Female
Posted: December 4, 2010
Husband has vascular disease
My husband has vascular disease in his legs. He was scheduled for surgery on a Monday. By Tuesday I knew we were in trouble. His surgeon was getting over shoulder surgery, and could not operate until the following Monday.
My husband is NOT a good patient. I knew I had to do something in order to get the swelling down from his foot or he was going to lose it.
I got in my vehicle and went to la-z-boy in my city and bought him a new recliner. What a blessing it was. He was able to sleep once I put enough pillows under his leg and he reclined.
We are getting ready to move into our new retirement home. La-z-boy will be the first pieces of new furniture I have delivered.
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Story 9 for Comfort Stories
From:Southern NJ Seashore
Gender: Female
Posted: November 20, 2010
Loving Lazy Boy
I bought my first Lazy Boy recliner when I was 26 and got my first place. I still have it. It is in great shape. My husband loves it and uses it upstairs. Since then, I have only bought Lazy Boy Furniture for my office(s) and my house(s).Now I am 61 and just bought a recliner and sofa for a shore home. I have a loveseat that is 14 years old, in great shape and the color is the same as when I got it.
It was easy to fill up homes as they got bigger but what does one do with Lazy Boy products when you're downsizing? They last forever!!
I am truly a loyal Lazy Boy customer. I can't imagine buying anything else. Go Lazy Boy!
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Story 10 for Comfort Stories
From:Minneapolis, MN
Gender: Female
Posted: January 15, 2010
I Love La-Z-Boy...they're great
We are retired and have two wonderful, long lasting chairs, but they have seen their day and I stress about the worn-out arms and the look of "old" that they portray. I would love to indulge again, help, help.
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Story 11 for Comfort Stories
From:Cherry Valley, IL
Gender: Female
Posted: January 15, 2010
Too many worrries
Wouldn't you think after working 40+ years and having reached retirement it would be fairly stress free. No, I don't think so. With no longer being consumed with the stress of working, I now find myself consumed with the tragedies and heartaches of the world with no way to end them.
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